Shopfronts, Lightboxes & Illuminated Canberra Signs

Canberra signage, well-designed and skilfully made, is the perfect way to attract attention to your businesses or Canberra shop fronts. Quality storefronts, light boxes, and illuminated signs are must-haves for your business. Here’s why:

Great shopfront designs will stand out.

First of all, a well-designed shopfront shows that you care for your customers. It seems like a frustrating experience to look for a shop that blends in with all the other shops. A good shopfront design helps you get found right away.

Another good reason is, good shopfront design provides important information about your products and services. Also, well-designed store fronts set the tone for the customer experience and encourage return business. We cannot stress the value of a shop front that welcomes and invites people in, over and over again.

Furthermore, great shopfront design encourages online discussion. Look at what people say on Canberra social media about a business’s storefront. If it grabs someone’s attention, they will say so and gush over it. We all want that kind of organic, customer-driven buzz and publicity!

Custom-made light boxes and illuminated signs bring people in.

Rather than slap your design onto a store-bought light-box, consider a custom-made one. Certainly, many light box makers in Canberra are very good at building a solid lightbox. But it’s the marriage between design and production is what sets Fresh Creative apart.

Our motto is “listen, understand, create.”  We listen to your needs. We carefully consider your brand colours and location. Even more, we value the importance of collaboration and communication with the client. The results: attractive and effective designs for shopfronts, lightboxes and illuminated signs!

Fresh Creative manufactures Canberra shop fronts, light-boxes and illuminated signage to any custom shape, design and size. Our Canberra sign makers use mixed layered materials, 3D lettering, LED lighting, and much more. Maybe you might like 3D and fabricated signs that make a bold statement. The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today for custom Canberra signage!

Whatever you have in mind, why not collaborate with us to make it a reality? Call (02) 6299 7055 or email to discuss your signage needs with our friendly team.

Canberra Signage: Storefronts, Lightboxes and Illuminated Signs

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