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Business Rebrand

by | Jan 30, 2021 | Marketing, Signage, Websites

After nearly 27 years, Bungendore Leather and Trading, located in the centre of Bungendore, have created a business rebrand to bring their charming leather store into alignment with its culture and values. The store presents tourists and the local community with leather, novelty, home decor, clothing and Australian made products for all occasions and people.


COVID-19 and bushfires force shutdown

Leather & Trading, like many other businesses, faced a difficult period in the aftermath of severe summer fires followed by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2019-21. These tough times resulted in the business closing for some months, as face to face business was not possible.


New hope and vision with a refreshed brand identity

Leather & Trading used the closure period to review the businesses brand and its direction. This led to a collaboration with Fresh Creative to review the current branding, aided by the support of  Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.

Fresh Creative highlighted that branding encompasses the company’s reputation which is broken into two main areas. These areas are visual identity (logo & collateral) and user experience (the ease of services such as website navigation and client services).

A rejuvenation of the brand enhances the essence of Leather & Trading’s valued history and the user experience for their world wide clientele.  


A Logo to depict the brands vision

The logo was in need of a refresh to reflect the current company culture and philosophy. Consideration was given to the well recognised lizard which the brand is strongly associated with. So, the graphic lizard was remains to align with the new logo font. In addition, the colour palette was reviewed and adjusted to suit the overall rustic theme.

As a result, the new logo series offers a rural feel with a modern edge to compliment the brand’s rustic personality, whilst also making it easily identifiable. 


Refreshed brand logo for Bungendore Leather

New logo for Bungendore Leather shop was only part of the new visual identity.

Tired old logo needs a facelift

The old logo was in need of a revamp.


A User friendly website design with SEO for more traffic

The importance of a high quality easy to use website was essential for the success of Leather and Trading’s new brand and visual identity. Updates to the website include; a modern e-commerce platform, on page search engine optimisation (SEO), a complete new visual design with a clean and easy user experience. Furthermore, the new website is scalable for the ability to be used on desktop, mobile or tablet with the convenience of a click to activate; phone, maps and email function. Additionally, the new site also features a modern photo gallery to showcase the stores’ museum of historical and unique items. 

You can visit their new website at – www.leatherandtrading.com.au

Leather and Trading Bungendore New Website

Social media presence is a key marketing factor

A professional social media presence is key to interacting with customers and building a brand’s image. New social media accounts set up on Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to allow customers to keep in touch with Leather & Trading’s products and updates. Additionally, the new online platforms allows potential customers an easy funnel directly to the many products on offer. As a result, Leather & Trading is well ready for a continuing worldwide online presence. 


Professional and engaging photography makes a difference

Beautiful external photography showcases the rustic charm of this historic store. Clever and creative editing enhances the scenic skyline to make for a dramatic and effective website home page. Further, engaging photos showcase the many products and collectables throughout the store. Then, these fresh and cohesive images were used on the website and social media platforms. 


Modern and clear signage brings eye-catching results

Fresh Creative conveys Leather & Trading’s ethos through simple yet informative signage. So, Fresh Creative made new shopfront and way finding signage. With attention to detail, the new signage gives a modern customer experience without losing the familiarity of this beloved store. Additionally, the signage is in position for vehicle and foot traffic to spot at a glance. 

Under awning Facia sign with custom cut shape

Bungendore Leather signage with a custom shape under awning facia for side street traffic viewing.

New logo and shop signage

With attention to detail, the charming rustic leather shop with new signage displays the refreshed visual identity.

Free standing street sign positioned for foot and vehicle traffic visibility.

Free standing street sign on the street for maximum view from foot and vehicle traffic.


Above all, the team at Fresh Creative loves Leather & Trading’s new sleek, new visual identity. The team can’t wait to see where this Bungendore destination business goes next.


So, if your business is in need of a re-fresh, contact the Fresh Creative team for a no obligation branding consultation. Contact us today at info@freshcreative.net.au.