Wall graphics and prints

Turn up the Wow! factor with wall graphics and prints for your home or office. Creative patterned frosting on windows and glass also adds flair to any space.

Custom Wallpaper Canberra

Custom Wallpaper Canberra for interior & exterior walls. Beautiful wallpaper in Canberra offers a large selection from a growing gallery of wallpaper patterns.

Print Books and Publications

Print books and publications can be easily overlooked in today’s digital world. However, the power of hard copy printing is still strong and can compliment your digital marketing campaigns.

New Brand Identity

Establishing a new brand identity can be daunting, but Fresh Creative can make this process easy with expert tips and tricks for a new visual identity.

Create a Unique Customer Experience

Create a Unique Customer Experience through quality experiences such as loyalty rewards, gifts, exclusive events and more.  Talk to the Fresh Creative team.

Website & Brand Revamp

A Website & Brand Revamp is perfect for older business who wish to lift their profile. Talk to Fresh Creative about your company’s brand identity.

Build a brand identity

Build a brand identity with a recognisable and unique graphic and complimentary font. Let the Fresh Creative team get you started.

Vehicle Wrap Canberra

A new vehicle wrap for Marist college Canberra’s new bus, makes for a fresh start in 2021. Take a look at the modern new vehicle wrap design designed, printed and installed by our vehicle signage specialists.

Catalogue Design & Print

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Catalogues

Clever Catalogue Design & Print will appeal to all types of people and are a great marketing tool. Even though most of the world seems to be digital, print publications such as catalogues have advantages (read more here). Professional catalogue design is a great investment for businesses looking to highlight key products and grab the attention of their customers. Catalogues can include anything from the newest products and services to business news. However, if a customer has already received a catalogue for a certain brand, then they will already know what to expect next time they visit that store. Hence, they will be more likely to shop there, whether it is in person or online. 

Once your customers pick up your next catalogue, it needs to reflect your brand and keep them engaged. Whether it is a one off special edition catalogue or a regular monthly catalogue, every catalogue needs to excite customers. As a result, your brand will be on their mind, they will read each catalogue with interest and they’ll be loyal to your business.

Fresh Creative has worked with Capital Chemist for years, producing a range of exciting catalogues for their loyal customers to enjoy.

Read on to find out the top 3 tips our Canberra design team use to make Capital Chemist‘s catalogue design exciting.

Build customer loyalty

Canberra catalogues are also a great way to provide value and build loyalty. In the case of Capital Chemist, every catalogue is an opportunity to spotlight great savings on key products. Engaging articles share helpful tips on how to handle the health challenges that come with the seasons. It’s no surprise, therefore, that customers look forward to Capital Chemist’s catalogues every quarter. Delivering catalogues to your customers’ homes is another great way to make them feel special.

Capital Chemist releases seasonal catalogues full of tips and tricks for each season.

Creative design creates excitement for your brand

Creative catalogue design is a great way to attract customers and create loyalty. Thoughtful design that is eye catching and reflects the brand helps to create excitement for your business. A professional designer can carefully pair colours that are consistent to your brand with other colours to attract attention, without being overwhelming. Additionally, including special extras in your catalogue such as discounts or tips are ideal for making sure your customers are looking forward to every issue.

Capital Chemist Custom Catalogue

Combine the print and digital world 

Traditional print catalogues are still very effective. Print catalogues also convert well into digital format, so they make great additions to your website. This lets your customers access your catalogues wherever they are. Catalogues also make great additions to email newsletters and other digital marketing efforts. Furthermore, simple additions such as QR codes or web addresses are perfect for leading customers to your online destinations. As a result, catalogues are enjoyed by all ages.

Capital Chemist Custom Catalogue

This Capital Chemist catalogue has a Facebook address to easily lead customers to a web page.

Here at Fresh Creative, our design and marketing team love working on print and digital catalogues. Using creative flair to give every issue a fresh look, our Canberra design agency enjoys creating new catalogue designs every time for an exciting and interesting read.

Interested in a catalogue design for your business or shop? Contact us today at 02 6299 7055 or email info@freshcreative.net.au to organise a discussion with our creative marketing team today.