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Clever Promotional Products

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Marketing

Clever Promotional Products were used to assist Capital Chemist who recently partnered with MedAdvisor to provide e-scripts to customers in their many stores across Australia. 


The MedAdvisor app allows customers to access an electronic version of their script, called an e-script. As a result, they have a convenient, secure and easy way to take care of their prescriptions without needing to worry about losing their script. Additionally, others, such as carers, are able to access and collect prescriptions on behalf of someone else.


The promotional items for this launch are eye catching, engaging, easy to read, and informative. Additionally, the bright colours used are friendly to those who aren’t proficient with technology to engage. Our team designed badges, balloons, posters, signs and flyers to spread the message about the new app. Introducing the app in this cheerful and exciting way helps to communicate the simplicity of this app to seniors who might initially oppose the idea.


Staff Badges to Invite Conversation

Bright and eye catching badges worn by pharmacists encourage customers to start a conversation about the app and find out how it works. With clear and simple text on a green background, these badges can be clearly spotted. 

Capital Chemist Custom Badges

Badges worn by staff invite customers to ask them about the app.


Interactive 3D Boxes

3-dimensional boxes have been a clever way to engage customers to better understand the new E-Script message. The interactive boxes entice the customer to read all sides and scan the QR code. The QR code links through to the app download, which also starts the process of using technology in this setting. Furthermore, the box has information on multiple sides and prompts customers to ask the staff questions. This is an easy way to spread the message about how prescriptions are moving online.

Capital Chemist Custom Shaped 3D Box Canberra

3D boxes are a clever way to get customers to interact with the new message.


Spread The Message

A-frames, posters and flyers were strategically placed around the store. The posters displayed informative infographics on how the app works. In addition, the posters have prompts directing customers to where they can find more information about the e-script, such as asking staff, how to download the app and the app website. Furthermore, branded balloons helped create a celebratory atmosphere to get customers excited about the new app.

Capital Chemist Custom Poster Capital Chemist Custom DL Flyer Capital Chemist A-Frame Sign Canberra

Signs, posters and flyers thoughtfully placed around the store to spread the message.


So, If your business needs of Clever Promotional Products, talk to our friendly team for a creative consultation. Contact us at info@freshcreative.net.au, call (02) 6299 7055 or discover our services on our website.