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Print Books and Publications

by | May 28, 2021 | Catalogues, Marketing

Print books and publications can be easily overlooked in today’s digital world. However, the power of hard copy printing is still strong and can compliment your digital marketing campaigns. Printed publications come in many sizes and forms, such as catalogues, magazines or annual reports to name a few. A huge range of industries today benefit from the daily use of publications including; schools, businesses and community groups. 

Communicating through print allows your material to stand out from the rest. One study found that including print in an advertising campaign resulted in brand recognition increasing three fold among participants. Our creative team can help communicate your brand’s message through well designed catalogues, magazines, news articles and more.

But firstly, read on to find out the top 3 reasons why printed publications still make such an impact.

QPRC custom summary report

QPRC Summary Report.

1. Tangible

The beauty of print is that readers can hold a publication in their hand and peruse at their leisure, making it a more personal experience. Imagine flicking through a beautifully designed magazine whilst sitting in your favourite outdoor space, away from the computer. Print items hold another dimension through the ability to physically turn the pages, feel the paper, and write on the page to mark interesting pieces. As a result, it is a more engaging reader experience.   

Royal Military College of Australia 100 Years of Duntroon Custom

Custom hardback book for the Royal Military of Australia Celebrating 100 Years at Duntroon, complete with case. 


2. Interactive on and off the page
Aside from having readers physically interact with the publication, other additions can bridge the digital and print world. QR codes and directions to websites or social media are some of the ways to keep readers engaged after reading. QR codes can be scanned by a phone so the reader can access an online extension of your brand. This may lead to a website, social media account, or app.

3. Lasting Impact
A well designed publication can be kept for weeks, months or even years. A series of printed publications can also be kept in the home as part of a collection, allowing the reader to refer back at a later point in time. On the contrary, digital publications may be difficult to retrace amongst the vortex of virtual data. To create a lasting impression, it is important to keep the design easy on the eye, with the right balance of text, imagery and space. 

Take a look at how Fresh Creative helped these businesses utilise print publications
Marist College Canberra distributes a range of publications to ensure each member of the Marist community feels connected to the school. Each publication conveys a unique message and has been designed to evoke emotion and interest towards the topic. The Maristian is a magazine published four times a year, to spread school news, events and updates. This magazine is aimed at the wider Marist community, from students to alumni to grandparents. The Strong Minds Gentle Hearts catalogue is a playful publication that communicates the way boys learn through hands-on approaches. Ideal for parents and students to read, it reflects Marist’s boys’ education philosophy in a fun and engaging manner. The Prospectus gives an overview of Marist life and values in a structured and corporate style. This publication is updated every couple of years and distributed to new students and parents who want to understand the school’s culture. 

Marist College Canberra Strong Minds Gentle Hearts Publication

Marist College Canberra Prospectus Publication

A selection of Marist College Canberra’s print publications.


Capital Chemist uses print in conjunction with digital platforms for their quarterly catalogue. Informative articles and seasonal tips are scattered throughout the publication to engage and educate the reader on the value of their products. These printed catalogues are distributed to their many stores across the country, which are favoured by their loyal customers.

Capital Chemist Custom Catalogues

Capital Chemist Custom Catalogue

Each issue takes on the season’s theme, with change of colour images, health tips, informative articles and directions to social media platforms.


At Fresh Creative, we print books and publications. Email us at info@freshcreative.net.au, call us on (02) 6299 7055 or discover our services on our website.