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New Visual Identity For Herring & Associates Lawyers

Establishing a presence in a new city can be daunting, but Fresh Creative can make this process easy with expert tips and tricks for a new visual identity.


Herring & Associates Lawyers was established in 2008, but recently branched out to Canberra and also launched a new app. Following these changes, they decided to collaborate with Fresh Creative for a revamped visual identity to help spread their message. Our team designed a new logo, corporate stationery, e-signature and office signage in a clean and professional manner. Firstly, the logo helps the new clientele to become familiar with and easily recognise the new brand. Secondly, the corporate stationery and e-signature are a great way to stay in clients’ minds. Finally, the new office signage helps both employees and clients feel encompassed by the Herring & Associates Lawyers message. As a result, these components create a well established and professional atmosphere.


New Sleek Logo

One of the core components to becoming established as a brand is having a logo that ticks all of the right boxes. Herring & Associates Lawyers logo is professional, unique, elegant, easily reproducible, and recognisable. With all of these things in mind, this logo will help this brand become established without any difficulty. In addition, the colour and font choices reinforce ideas of calmness and professionalism.

Herring & Associates Logo

Clean, simple and professional logo.


Corporate Stationery Makes An Impact From A Distance

Fresh Creative can design, print and distribute printed items, such as corporate stationery. The creative team designed professional flyers, letterheads, and business cards, complete with the new logo. Firstly, the flyers were designed to be informational but in addition, eye catching. As a result, the reader can find out all they need to know with ease. A letterhead allows Herring & Associates Lawyers to stay on their clients’ minds. Complete with contact information and logo, these letterheads are perfect for printing or writing notes on. Carefully selected blue and gold corporate colours reiterate the professional philosophy of this brand. Additionally, business cards are the perfect way to deliver details in a quick and convenient manner. 

Herring and Associates Lawyers Custom Stationery Canberra

Informative and professional corporate stationery. 

Office Signage Is Key To Brand Establishment

Office signage was designed to be informative and directional. The Fresh Creative signage team first designed, then printed and lastly, installed the signs in the Canberra office. The logo was printed onto thoughtfully selected materials and then installed in the office. Hence, the office now has a range of signage, from window film to opaque to mounted signage. As a result, these signs help make the office feel complete and ready for employee and client use.

Herring and Associates Office Signage 2020

Mounted signage inside the office.

Herring and Associates Office Signage 2020

Way finding signage shown on a glass door.

E-Signatures Promote Professionalism And Customer Interaction

Email signatures give businesses yet another opportunity to connect with clients. The new e-signature is interactive and is visible with every email. This e-signature has embedded live links to Herring & Associates Lawyers’ other points of contact, to make connection easier than ever.


E-signature provides key information and live links.


The team enjoyed working with Herring & Associates Lawyers to create a visual identity and defined brand message to provide them with a more established presence in Canberra. The Fresh Creative team wishes them the best for the future.

So, if your business is in need of a new visual identity, talk to the Fresh Creative team for a no obligation branding consultation. Contact us at info@freshcreative.net.au, call (02) 6299 7055 or discover our services on our website.


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