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A Unique Customer Experience: Bond Hair Religion

Staying on a customer’s mind and creating a high quality customer experience from a distance can be a challenge. However, keeping in touch with clients and offering them an experience that goes beyond the salon is invaluable. 


Canberra salon Bond Hair Religion have collaborated with Fresh Creative for years, and more recently for a revived visual identity. Bond Hair Religion is much more than just a salon, evolving over time to provide a range of services. They recently expanded to include Bond Barista, so they needed a fresh and cohesive look for this growth. This salon’s point of difference is the top quality customer service they provide to their clients. As a result of caring customer experience, this salon has a long waiting list, highly regarded reputation and extremely loyal clients. Reward programs and complimentary gifts are all a part of the Bond Hair Religion experience. Each of these additional services result in a well connected community of individuals, much like a family. Fresh Creative created a range of stationery, in addition to a new logo suite to keep Bond Hair Religion clients feeling engaged and considered.

Bond Hair Religion Promotional Print Items

The wide range of stationery designed.

Clever Marketing To Engage The Target Audience

A range of branded stationery aims to keep clients engaged with Bond Hair Religion when they aren’t in the salon. Bond Hair Religion created loyalty programs and incentives to keep their valued customers coming back for more. The “Big Wig Club” is an exclusive part of their loyalty program, with added benefits for members. The new club stationery includes gold embossed font and imagery for an added layer of luxe. This delicately branded loyalty program keeps clients involved, engaged and interested in Bond Hair Religion between their appointments. This branding makes clients feel special and cared for. Additionally, other items clients receive in the mail are also appropriately marketed to them, reminiscent of Bond Hair Religion. As a result, these incentives help the target audience feel connected to the salon when they are not there.

Bond Hair Religion Big Wig Club Cards

“Big Wig Club” gold embossed branded stationery.

Logo Suite For Consistency

A logo suite brings a cohesive look to all aspects of Bond Hair Religion. The salon’s original logo was inspired by a hair pin and was given a tribal or religious twist to reinforce the idea of the Bond tribe or community. The logo suite accommodates both the overarching Bond Hair Religion vision and each individual component. A similar style was used for each separate logo, to create consistency among the logos. As a result, each logo is recognisable to the Bond family. This logo suite enables each extension of Bond Hair Religion to have the same look and feel, even as the salon grows.

Bond Hair Religion Logo Suite

Bond Hair Religion’s logo suite to capture all of their extensions.

Convenient Card Holders

Loyalty programs are one of the ways that Bond Hair Religion gives back to their customers. Thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted cards and card holders are both functional and beautiful. Appointment reminders and loyalty cards have a special holder which reinforces the value of each customer to the brand. Additionally, the card holders are designed so that the brand name and logo on the card are visible from the outside. Furthermore, the bright colour helps customers to easily distinguish the card from others and locate it quickly from their wallet. These items remind clients of their Bond Hair Religion customer experience-attention to detail and distinctive.

Bond Hair Religion Card Holders

Well designed and distinctive cards and card holders.

Eye Catching Gift Certificates

An array of striking complimentary gift certificates help Bond Hair Religion to stand out from the pack. The distinctive logo paired with black and orange colours make these gift certificates unique and eye catching. Additionally, these gift certificates are great for reminding clients to come back to the salon for an appointment.

Bond Hair Religion Loyalty Cards

Distinctive complimentary gift certificates.

“Fresh Creative have been our graphic design partners as my business has grown and multiplied. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for top quality and stunning designs, fitting my briefs exactly. Great communicators, easy to deal with and quick to respond. Don’t take the risk of going anywhere else!”

-Bond Hair Religion

Fresh Creative thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Bond Hair Religion to create a new logo suite and stationery for their target audience. 

If you need new branding, stationery or ideas on how to connect with your clients, contact the Fresh Creative team for a no obligation creative consultation. So, contact us at info@freshcreative.net.au, call (02) 6299 7055 or discover our services on our website.

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