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Brand Refresh for Workplace Research Associates

A brand refresh is the ideal opportunity to inject new life into a brand’s face. Updating a visual identity is important to ensure a brand’s visual side aligns with the company mission and vision.


Workplace Research Associates Pty Ltd was established in 1996, but have undergone recent changes leaving them in need of visual renewal. Therefore, their new workspace provided them with the perfect opportunity to update their visual identity. Workplace Research collaborated with Fresh Creative for a brand refresh to match their new workspace. 


Updated Professional Logo

A new logo design gives the brand a professional and straightforward appearance. This logo clearly displays the company’s name in coordination with an icon. Additionally, the simplicity of the logo keeps it easily recognisable.


Workplace Research Logo 2020

The new logo is simple and professional.

Optimise User Experience Online

The new website design puts user experience first, allowing customers to find what they need easily. A simple yet elegant website is key to staying professional online and also ensuring customers come back. Furthermore, a website that is easy to use is crucial to making sure customers return to the site and utilise services once again. 

Additionally, this website can be used across different screens, from mobile to tablet to desktop.

Workplace Research Website Design Canberra

Infographics For Engaging Text

The use of informative infographics on the website homepage help to improve readability. These icons signal subheadings and link to various pages within the site. Also, by breaking up large chunks of text, these visual cues attract and engage readers. 

workplace research associates website

Infographics improve readability whilst being informative.


Furthermore, take Julie West, from Workplace Research’s word for it, “Very happy with our new look from Fresh Creative – new logo and website – it is indeed fresh, thanks Dana and team – a creative and talented team!”.


So, if your business is in need of a brand refresh, talk to the Fresh Creative team today for a no obligation branding consultation. Contact us at info@freshcreative.net.au, call (02) 6299 7055 or discover our services on our website.

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