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How To Build A Strong Brand On A Limited Budget

Building a strong brand is one of the most important things a new business can have. A strong brand helps the business become recognisable and unique. Additionally, when considering all the costs and essential requirements, starting a new business can be daunting. However, building a brand doesn’t need to cost the earth. Starting with the essentials to build collateral as your reputation and clientele grows is a smart way to manage any startup business.

Your Best Garden is a locally owned gardening business that services Canberra and surrounding areas. Recently, Fresh Creative worked with Your Best Garden to create a strong presence within the local community and online. This startup needed the Fresh Creative team to create essentials for an effective online presence without breaking the bank. Fresh Creative designed and made a professional branding package for Your Best Garden. This included a new logo suite, website with infographics, e-signature, fridge magnets, business cards and social media platforms.


Modern Logo Design

A quality logo is easily recognisable to customers whilst conveying basic details about the business. Your Best Garden’s new logo features foliage and a house to communicate their gardening services. The colour palette was chosen to reflect the nature orientated aspect of the business and the addition of a warm orange makes the logo stand out. The logo suite includes a range of logos to accommodate different uses as required. Landscape and portrait orientations, in addition to different background colours enables this logo to be used in a variety of settings.

your best garden logo suite

A logo suite gives the brand a strong visual identity. 


Relevant and Professional Photography

Classy and clean photographs of perfectly maintained gardens give customers an idea of the service to expect from this business. The professional photos contain similar colours to give the overall site a cohesive and fresh look. Additionally, these photographs also reflect the quality of work that Your Best Garden is most known for.


Social Media Improves Accessibility

Social media is key to marketing in the contemporary world. Having a presence on appropriate social media platforms gives customers a chance to find out more and interact with businesses. The Fresh Creative team set up Pinterest, Google My Business and Facebook to improve accessibility to the relevant audiences. Social media platforms are easily accessible through a complete Google My Business account, making it even easier for future clients to find businesses.

your best garden Pinterest page

Pinterest engages users through creative ideas.


Professional E-Signatures For Brand Consistency

Professionally built e-signatures help to keep branding consistent and functional. Correctly built e-signatures using HTML not only look good, but are also interactive with live links such as addresses to maps, direct phone activation and social media icons that link to platforms. This helps keep customers engaged and greatly improve their user experience. Additionally, the e-signatures have minimal colour blocks to ensure ink friendly, eco-friendly and cost effective printing.

Your Best Garden E-signature 2020

E-signatures are a cost effective and professional way to reinforce brand identity.


Informative Infographics To Engage Readers

A neat, simple set of infographics bring visual attention to each topic. This set of infographics help to create a better user experience, breaking up large chunks of text and making content inviting to read.

your best garden infographics

A series of infographics makes reading content easy and enticing.


Refined Colour Palette

A colour palette that reflects the identity of the business is crucial to creating a cohesive appearance. A mix of tones and luscious greens reinforce the message of quality gardening to customers, whilst looking good.


Attractive and Effective Website Design

Having a top-quality website is so much more than just creating an online presence. A single page website provides users with a simple way of finding out all they need to know, just by scrolling. Additionally, this type of website is straightforward and easy to use, making site navigation effortless. This website can be viewed on all types of devices, from PCs to mobile phones for top user experience. Additionally, informative subtitles help declutter the page and direct the reader to relevant information. Furthermore, short, snappy headlines catch the reader’s eye and showcase the brand’s services and philosophy.

Your Best Garden Website Design Canberra

Website design that adapts to different screen sizes improves user experience.


Updated On Google To Ensure Businesses Are Discoverable

There are an array of tasks that businesses need to complete on Google to be easily discoverable. Firstly, completing Google My Business (GMB) makes sure that correct and relevant information is easily accessible to all customers. Secondly, this enables customers to quickly and effortlessly contact Your Best Garden to utilise their services. Thirdly, complete and proper search engine optimisation (SEO) allows new customers to find websites through their browser of choice. Finally, having correct SEO ensures that each website is not lost in the depths of the internet and remains easily discoverable to potential customers. Therefore, correct tagging and metadata in images uploaded to GMB also help to improve accessibility to customers.

your best garden google

Having information about your business readily available increases the chance of more clients.


Stationery For Brand Identity

Fridge magnets and business cards act to keep a business on their customers’ minds. These pocket sized stationery items are perfect for giving to customers so they can keep business details handy for when they are needed. Additionally, brand colouring and imagery aims to reinforce brand identity, without taking away from important details.

Your Best Garden Business Cards and Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets and business cards are ideal for reinforcing brand message.


The team enjoyed working with Your Best Garden to create a new visual identity and provide them with simple ways to create a strong brand. The Fresh Creative team will be keeping their eye out for this quality, local business. Additionally, check out their new website here.

So, if your startup business is in need of a brand package, contact the Fresh Creative team for a no obligation branding consultation today. Contact us at info@freshcreative.net.au, call (02) 6299 7055 or discover our services on our website.


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