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Vehicle Wrap Showcases Life At Marist College Canberra

A new bus design, printed and installed just in time for the new school year. This bus is one in a fleet of buses that Marist college Canberra use on a daily bases to transport students to and from the college.
The bus design showcases the schools culture through engaging images of college life, from music to sport and much more.

The vehicle wrap design process

The design was created based on the Colleges corporate colours and graphic elements, with a carefully selected group of images from a recent professional photoshoot. The two sides
of the bus carry a hero image as shown in full colour, overlaying a background of duo toned images depicting the full ensemble of college life. The college crest is proudly positioned in white, helping it pop out from the background of mid to dark blue tones. Whilst the design is complex, the overall impression and message is quite simple and easy to understand.
The front of the bus is quite simple with website and college crest. Additionally, the design is mirror reversed, allowing drivers who view from their rear view mirror to see it in the correct format.
Also, the back design is cleverly positioned around vents, vehicle rear lights, and the many mandatory warning signs.

The bus wrapping print and installation process

Due to the sheer size of the vehicle, the printing was done in multiple panels in order to fit the width of the large format printing machines. The artwork for the solid bus area was printed on a heavy duty cast vehicle vinyl. Then the artwork for the window area was printed on a one-way vision vinyl.

printing the window area in one way vision vinyl


Printing the solid panel areas in heavy duty cast vinyl

One of the big challenges with bus wraps is allowing for the many air vents, which requires hand cutting around each and every vent. In addition, the other challenge is the height of the vehicle. As a result, the install is done outdoors where wind, rain and extreme temperatures are at play.
Our collection of photos show the stages of installation:
vehicle wrap

Setting-up for installation and ensuring the panels will align.


First stage is underway and alignment is looking good.


vehicle wrap Canberra

Wrapping windows with one-way vision whilst aligning to solid bus panels.


Second side of the bus is underway, but rain has set in — a move under cover is required.


And that’s a wrap…

Full bus deisgn and wrap by Fresh Creative vehicle wapping specialists in Canberra.


vehicle wrap, Canberra bus wrap

Front of bus wrap showing reversed mirror image of design.


Canberra vehicle wrap, vehicle wrap specialists, bus wrap Canberra,

Back of the bus showing the design positioned around the tail lights and warning signs.

Can any vehicle be wrapped?

You bet it can. Tucks, utes, buses and even motor bikes can be wrapped with vehicle wrap vinyl. Windows are also able to be wrapped. Additionally, our one-way vision vinyl makes it easy to see out from within the vehicle.

Talk to our vehicle signage specialists about your vehicle wrapping project on 6299 7055 or email info@freshcreative.net.au


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