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How Pop-Up Media Walls Can Make An Impact

Pop-up media walls are a great way to stay in your target audiences’ mind. Media walls are an ideal way to display your brand logo or slogan, either as a backdrop or a focus piece. This signage is often used as a way to reinforce brand message or awareness,

This Australian Government media wall demonstrates how a media wall can be used as a backdrop for a press conference. The logo is repeated on a dark background to be visible but subtle and reinforce the Government message.

Portable Display Walls

Speedy set up

Our media walls are lightweight and can be set up in minutes, perfect for being set up in a rush or at an event. This type of signage can be easily transported as it is made of a lightweight material.

Custom design

With attention to detail, our creative team can create eye-catching and engaging designs. Or, if desired, a more subtle and simple design. With a consultation, we can decide which design is best for you and your desired use.

Made in the blink of an eye

Light weight and portable media walls in Canberra can be printed and constructed in record time by the awesome crew at Fresh Creative.


Media walls can be used in a variety of ways, from subtle backdrops to send an eye catching message. As a result, pop-up media walls are a great way to make an impact.

Additionally, view our range of display walls or brand awareness pop-up media walls in Canberra. If you need it done and need it done quickly, get in touch, we can sort it out for you!

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