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How We Upgraded Canberra Kyokushin Karate’s Van Signage

Vehicle signage is a great way to increase visibility by using business vehicles.

Our Canberra van signage professionals set up Canberra Kyokushin Karate‘s new van.

We had three objectives for our design for Kyokushin’s new 2020 van signage.

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Updated logo

First, we wanted to highlight the school’s recently updated After School Karate logo. It now features a safety helmet and shin guards on the boy delivering a high-flying kick.


So we set up the logo on the front of the Toyota HiAce. In addition to that, the logo also appears on both sides of the van, as well as the rear.


Professional design

Next, we came up with sleek graphics that communicated movement. Because the logo’s deep black and bold red colours are attractive, we used them for the trip that runs down the body of the van. The carefully selected text is clearly visible and kept simple so it can be easily read.


After School Karate picks up kids from school; parents pick up their kids from Kyokushin afterwards. The strip highlights this feature because it’s a strong proposition.


Finally, because it’s important to see contact information easily, we designed and printed the school’s contact information on the van’s sides and rear. Potential customers can easily read the contact details and get in touch with Kyokushin at their connivence.


Canberra Kyokushin Karate now have an updated vehicle wrap that includes a new logo, sleek design, and key information.

Thanks to Jeff and Canberra Kyokushin Karate for trusting us with their van!

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