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Catalogue Design For Capital Chemist Excites Customers

Catalogue design is a great investment for businesses and shops looking to spotlight key products and grab the attention of their customers. When thoughtfully designed and released on a regular basis, Canberra catalogues help create excitement for your brand.

Traditional print catalogues are still very effective. Today, because they convert well into digital format, they also make great additions to your website. They also make a great addition to email newsletters and other Canberra digital marketing efforts.

Canberra catalogues are also a great way to provide value and build loyalty. In the case of Capital Chemist, every catalogue is an opportunity to spotlight great savings on key products. Engaging articles share helpful tips on how to handle the health challenges that come with the seasons. It’s no surprise, therefore, that customers look forward to Capital Chemist’s catalogues every quarter.

Here at Fresh Creative, our design and marketing team enjoys working on Capital Chemist catalogues. Using their creative flair to give every issue a fresh look, our Canberra design agency enjoys creating new catalogue designs every time for an exciting and interesting read.

Interested in a catalogue design for your business or shop? Contact us today at 02 6299 7055 or email info@freshcreative.net.au to organise a discussion with our creative marketing team today.

Creative catalogue design in Canberra
Creative catalogue design is a great way to attract customers and create loyalty.
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