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New Shopfront Signage At Capital Chemist Kingston

How attractive is your shopfront signage?

Last week, Fresh Creative installed new shopfront signage at Capital Chemist Kingston. The revamp gave the pharmacy a fresher and more appealing look to welcome its customers.

Front and back shopfront signage  

We installed new shopfront graphics at the front and back of the store. Because key information should be prominent, the shopfront showcases the shop’s phone number, website, and opening hours.

The signage at the back of the shop features pharmaceutical service icons; this makes it easier for clients to understand what the pharmacy offers. Also, the door signage points customers towards the location of the shop’s front doors because the back doors are closed to the public.

Capital Chemist shop signage at the back

Signage inside the shop

Lush tropical foliage welcomes customers seeking relief from aches and pains. A large curved wall graphic displays the sun shining through the trees, reminding us all of the calming and healing power of nature.

shopfront signage in Canberra

Furthermore, various product signs showcase the different categories of products available. “We Know What Matters”, Capital Chemist’s slogan, is reminds customers that they will always come first.

Capital Chemist shopfront signage

Even in areas that would otherwise almost not be seen, our wall signs clearly display item categories in a large and easy-to-read font.

Further inside, a private consultation room sign lists the different services available at Capital Chemist Kingston.

We’d like to believe it’s a huge improvement over the previous look. We’ve given a brighter and more cheerful look to an otherwise cramped and dingy space. It communicates both professionalism and empathy for clients who may already be feeling the worse for wear.

Interested in what you saw?

Considering a new design for your shopfront? Got a business that could use a freshening up? We can design, print and also install it all for you! Contact our friendly team today at 02 6299 7055 or email us at sales@freshcreative.net.au for more information on shopfront signage in Canberra.

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