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How To Create The Perfect Brochure

Making the perfect brochure can be difficult. Our top designers share their top tips for brochure design.

Brochures are a fantastic way to summarise the key roles and functions of your business. Brochures are across a wide range of industries for a variety of uses. Additionally, they are an effective way to communicate information about the service or product your business offers. Brochures make a lasting impact as they can be taken home to be read at a later date, unlike many digital campaigns. Creating a brochure that looks professional and clearly conveys information to a target audience is a skill. Text, format, images, content and colours all need to be carefully considered.

Read on for our top three tips to create the perfect brochure.

Next Step Custom Brochure

Size up your options

There are many different brochure formats to choose from. Firstly, understand the amount of content required and the method of distribution to help determine the best format. So, if you intend to place your brochure in a display holder, know what size the holder is e.g. DL or A4. Also, if you intend to distribute via post, know what the costs are for the different sized options.

Images give another dimension 

Infographics and images will help engage the reader and break-up large amounts of text. When using graphics and images it is important to keep it professional with well polished photos and graphic design elements — this is just as important as the content of the text. Carefully consider the colours and how they reflect your brand to keep consistent.

Quality over quantity

Don’t lose your customers attention by creating bland content. Keep headings short and punchy to keep readers engaged. Additionally, break up large text blocks with subtitles — this helps keep readers interest, and looks better on the page. Remember to add in relevant contact details and directions.

Custom Funland Brochure

Funland brochure designed by Fresh Creative.

Creating the perfect doesn’t have to be difficult-just follow these three tips! Additionally, our experienced team and help design the perfect brochure for your business.

So, for more information on perfect brochure design or Canberra brochure printing please contact us. Reach the Fresh Creative Team on 02 6299 7055 or email info@freshcreative.net.au to arrange a quote.

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