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5 Tips For Business Cards That Stand Out

Even as the digital landscape continues to grow the importance of printed business cards is still prominent. They are an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on new clients and an essential marketing tool. Firstly, business cards are ideal for giving to potential customers on the go, as they can be easily kept in wallets and pockets. Secondly, business cards can be used by anyone in any industry, from a new startup with a small team to big companies with many employees. As a result, high quality business card will make a lasting impression on potential clients and colleagues. As business cards are what people may remember you by, they need to have all of the right components.

Our experienced designers share their top 5 tips for creating quality business cards.

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Keep information short and sweet

The intent of a business card is to communicate your key contact details. So, adding unnecessary information only leads to clutter and confusion. Keep your business card to a few relevant pieces of information and contact details.

Thoughtful business card design

Keep it clean and simple and make sure font sizes are legible. Ensure you use company logo and contact information so you are easily recognisable and reachable. If double sided, use no more than a few dot points (if space permits). Remember, this is not a flyer and should not be used as such.

Stock options to make an impact

These days, business cards can be produced in almost any material including plastic, wood, metal and extra thick card. Business cards made from alternative material undoubtedly leave an impression, however if your budget is tight, a well designed business card will still do the job effectively.

Stand out shape

Creating a custom shape to your business card is another effective way to stand out from the rest. Business cards can be die-cut to any shape or as simple as rounded edges, slimline and square cut options. Additionally, this is a great way to ensure your business cards have that point of difference. However, the classic rectangular shape is traditional and fits nicely in wallets.

Delicate finishing touches

If you wish to up the anti even further, consider using finishing’s such as; spot gloss, metallic ink or foilings. As a result, these can create an impressive final touch to the presentation of your business cards.

Business cards are a great way to create a lasting impression on a target audience-provided they contain the appropriate details.

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